In Our Portfolio - 800 ha
Land plots for investment, residential, commercial and industrial projects of various type. Real estate development projects are situated in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region.
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Masterplan Concept by Andrei Litvinov
Clear lines of scandinavian design
Baltic Dunes
Project of residential complex (comfort and business class)
Land plot of 6,2 ha
Total building area - 30,000 sq.m
Floors - from 3 to 5 stores
The territory of the complex is dissociated from highway and neighboring area with nice forest from one side and sand coast with dunes from another side.
Concept is to design buildings and landscape in pure scandinavian type with natural materials such wood and raw stones
Preservation of natural landscape, creating the trailways for observing natural life as plot is situated near National Park Lebaghiy (swan nesting places)
Project stage - design and approval documentation
Construction phase will be started at 2018

Bugrovskaya volost, Vsevologskiy district, Leningradiy Region
Residential Housing Project
Land plot of 33 ha is part of complex development for city district just near KAD on the North of Saint-Petersburg
Project concept - residential multi-family housing with social infrastructure
Total area - 150,000 sq m
Number of floors - from 8 to 12
The land plot is located in the Vsevologskiy district of Leningradskiy Region, 3 km from KAD, close to the road junction connecting of Novoproizerskoe shosse with KAD.
This gives easy access to all major routes in the city center.
Urban planning documentation is approved by city authorities.
Stage - design and permit documentation for construction
Land Plots
Shushary, Pushkinskiy district, Saint-Petersburg
Land Plot near ExpoForum Complex (Pulkovo)
Total area - 3.74 ha
Land plot is situated along of the Petergburgskoe shosse, near the new highway M-11 from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg, which to be completed in 2018
Recreational purposes (hotels, apartments, sport facilities)
Sovhoz Prigorodniy, Saint-Petersburg

Land Plot for TOD near Future Metro Station (Ulyanka)
Land plot of 46 ha in area with high investment potential
Category of the land - industrial and commercial purpose
Close to KAD and Pulkovo business and aeroport area